Celebrities Who Are Advocates For Eyelash Extensions

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Did you ever wonder about the Celebrities Who Are Advocates For Eyelash Extensions?  We have somewhat of the inside scoop. In the age of perfectionism and beauty ideals, many people look to celebrities to establish their personal standards of beauty. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more celebrities are raving about the benefits of eyelash extensions. From Laverne Cox to Zendaya, these powerful figures are sure to inspire you with their stories of empowerment and love for lash extensions.

Laverne Cox: The Power Of Beauty And Self-Love

Laverne Cox is a transgender actress who rose to fame by starring in the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. Despite her success, she has openly shared her struggle with self-image issues since she was very young. She confessed that she felt immense pressure from society for transgender women to adhere to almost impossible beauty standards. After finally accepting her flawlessness just as she is, Laverne discovered eyelash extensions as an effective way of enhancing her already gorgeous features and boosting her confidence further. She said during an interview with People Magazine: “I am all about loving yourself fully on your own terms… but if you want a little extra fluff and fabulousness, don’t be afraid to try lash extensions!”

Karlie Kloss: Makeup Doesn’t Make You Beautiful

As a powerful model and businesswoman, Karlie Kloss needs no introduction. Not only did she break barriers as one of Victoria’s Secret Angels but she also became the face of several global brands such as L’Oreal Paris. She’s also spoken out multiple times against traditional notions of beauty, saying that makeup shouldn’t serve as a mask for people who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. In one Instagram post discussing the power of beauty enhancements such as eyebrow embroidery and lash extensions, Karlie wrote: “Makeup isn’t meant to hide us – it’s meant to highlight our best features…Little tweaks like lash extensions can do wonders for your confidence! Enjoy every step in your journey towards self-love & embracing every part of you – even the parts we may not love so much at first sight.”

Zendaya: Get Creative With Your Look

Zendaya rose to fame after starring in Disney Channel original series Shake It Up! At such a young age, she successfully managed to remain true to herself while sending empowering messages across different platforms – especially when it comes to makeup and fashion choices. In one editorial shoot published by Allure Magazine back in 2017, Zendaya brilliantly showcased how creative one can get with their looks by adding something extra like colorful false lashes or even experimenting with temporary hair dye products. Delivering this message via social media recently during Fashion Week, Zendaya wrote: “You don’t have to wear dramatic makeup or color contact lenses or false lashes (or do any other thing)…to be noticed …have fun with your look if you want..try something new! #BeBrave”

Bottom line, there’s no denying that having celebrities like these three speak openly about eyelash extensions will help bring awareness around how it helps them express themselves better while looking beautiful at the same time. Whether they opt for natural Lash Extensions or colorful ones, they surely know how versatile lashes can be when it comes down to achieving the perfect look!

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